The furniture line 'X' is based on elegant lines joining table legs and box. Crossed, slanting legs create a visually memorable detail which endows solid wood with unusual lightness. The slanting legs element can be applied to a wide range of other furniture elements ­chair, armchair, club table. Special attention is paid to the smoothness of the final finishing, so we can discuss the silky feel to the touch and a bright response of the visual sense to the message of the light wood which thrills with conscious stimulation.

Modern approach to elegant and delicate design which is little used in the furniture industry, very hardy hornbeam wood, final finishing using vegetable oils, lack of materials other than solid wood, durability, utilization of waste materials with visible knots­ places 'X' in the sustainable development design niche.

Dimensions Table L 160 x W 90 x H 77 cm / Commode L 160 x W 50 x H 77 cm

Materials Solid wood (hornbeam, oakwood, nutwood)

Manufacturer Era Group Ltd

Launched 2015


Here we have a union of two materials in an almost hyperbolic form. Wood and metal are united almost without disruption, that way creating an elegant outline of the Olá! Lamp.

Olá! is a greeting, Olá! is warmth, Olá! is joy…

Olá! hanging lamp is the first out of the Olá! Lamp series. It comes in various colors and types of wood.

Photo Karla Jurić

Manufacturer Mundus Viridis

Distributor Milla&Milli

Launched 2017


Inspired by Escher's optical illusions, we have designed a rug that forms an impossible shape.

Loop has no beginning, and Loop has no end.

Loop moves away from pure planar form thus exploring the third dimension, but it always comes back, again and again.

The lines of the rug are cut in two levels, and the soft wool ensures a fine tactile experience.

Photo Karla Jurić

Manufacturer Regeneracija Ltd

Distributor Era Group

Launched 2017


Iskon Smarthome is a compact, elegant and user-friendly smart home solution. The central operating unit, different sensors and the smart socket are designed as white circular shapes with a single thin, white line. Placed individually or all together, they form an ideal minimalist composition in space - white circles on a white wall.

Client Smartsense Ltd.

Launched 2016


Crystal structures and polygons, geometry and shapes that derive from planar forms were always a source of inspiration for us. This time as well - while designing Okto set, we were exploring pure geometry. To put it poetically, the final shape that is formed by transforming a square into an octagon is to us a “flourishing square”. Coffee mug and plate are the first two items of a much larger set to be produced.

About Us

Thinkobjects is a design studio where Jelena Lukač Kirš, Jakov Šrajer and Maša Vukmanović do what they most enjoy – product design. They are excited about every phase of design, from the first sketches and production of prototype to launching the product, even if that means no sleep for days. As they like to put it – "We think objects". They have designed a wide range of products and interiors, many of them have been awarded and exhibited at relevant design exhibitions.


Jelena graduated in Product Design from the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb. Working at designers’ studios she gains knowledge and skills in different areas of design. She develops her skills in product design by working on projects from their conceptualisation all the way to realisation. She joins up with colleague Jakov Šrajer and Maša Vukmanović, with whom she continues to collaborate on product design and interior design projects up to this day. She prefers teamwork and collaboration with designers, architects, artists and others. Out of those collaborations Jelena provides an enthusiastic tailwind for everyone in the studio.


Jakov graduated in Product Design from the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb. He has done a number of interior decoration and furnishing projects in public and private buildings, such as hotel makeovers, during which he communicated skillfully with experts from different professions. He has ample experience in designing custom­made furniture for private flats and office spaces and in procuring equipment for public and catering establishments, which makes him very experienced in all the stages of the process. His rich experience and excellent communication skills are an irreplaceable part of the studio.


Maša graduated in Product Design from the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, after which she worked mostly on a wide range of graphic design jobs for a marketing agency. The projects she works on range from small utility items and packaging, furniture, different appliances and light fittings, all the way to exhibition spaces, interiors of companies’ retail and office spaces, as well as type­furniture for interior furnishing, while in the field of graphic design her work ranges from visual identities, books and scientific magazines, to different kinds of art projects. Given that she handles all of the above so well, and given her incredible strength and optimism, Maša has been nicknamed Machine, and it is no wonder she says that what she enjoys the most are total design projects.


on HRT1

 Find out more about us in this report from Croatian Radiotelevision!


at 55th Belgrade Furniture Fair

NOVEMBER 2017 // The most important events in the Southeast Europe within furniture design, manufacturing and distribution – 55th International Fair of Furniture, Equipment and Interior Decoration, with the 55th International Fair of Woodworking Machines, Tools and Production Materials – will be again the meeting point of the furniture manufacturers and distributers, engineers, designers, architects and general publics… read more



at Month of Design 2017

OCTOBER 2017 // Brands & Signs, an international exhibition, represents a worldwide selection of original, innovative, well designed products in the field of product and fashion design. The exhibition shows the creative potential in various areas of design – from transport, furniture, medicine, consumer electronics and sports to jewelry and fashion etc. Our Ola! lamp is exhibited there too and you can see it till November 17.


Gallery Bernardo Bernardi

OCTOBER 2017 // “… the authors have presented their creative processes by inviting the observer to follow the inner paths of their thinking, spiraling down to the very object of the study, the Ola! lamp itself. That is the precise reason why Ola! is the one and the only exposed object being at the same time the focal point of the whole event. Presented as a whole through the sum of all its details, just in the way that it came to life, the way that all creations of this designer group are made…”  by Ksenija Foretić


at 52. Zagreb Salon of Applied Art and Design

OCTOBER 2017 // The Zagreb Salon of Applied Art and Design (5—28 October 2017), a respectable national exhibition of contemporary art in the field of visual arts, graphic design, product design and architecture, in this year’s 52nd realization, has endowed our design project Iskon.Smarthome System, under the exhibiton theme The In/Applicability of Applied Art. We are very proud of the fact that we are chosen to show through our design the reaches of contemporary art and design today.


Design Week Zagreb 2017! #tdzg

JUNE 2017 // A union of two different materials in almost a hyperbolic form. Wood and metal united virtually without disruption, creating an elegant outline of the Olá! Lamp. Olá! is a greeting, Olá! is warmth, Olá! is joy…

Olá! hanging lamp is the first out of the Olá! Lamp series. It comes in various colors and types of wood.


for Maša’s Leaf

MARCH 2017 // We are proud to announce that Maša Vukmanović’s design project ELEN LEAF, (Maša is one of the founders of THINKOBJECTS studio),  was a winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, a world-renowned design prize. The winning product, ELEN LEAF, won in the discipline Architecture, in the Public category. Each year, Germany’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF DESIGN AWARD.

Elen Leaf EV charging station won over the 58-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world. The competition was intense: over 5,500 entries were submitted from 59 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.


Design: Ana Banić Gottlicher, Maša Vukmanović / Architecture: Ivan Galić

About the iF DESIGN AWARD Since over 60 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design. The iF label is renowned worldwide for outstanding design services, and the iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design prizes in the world.


Ljubljana 2016

OCTOBER 2016 // International design exhibition Brands & Signs together with other exciting design events and exhibitions will feature as a part of Month of Design Ljubljana on October 18-November 18 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Exhibition will showcase a selection of original, innovative, well-made products in both product and fashion design. Exhibition is open to individual designers, teams and companies from all around the world from the fields such as environment care, labour, home, electronics, transport, medicine, games, urban planning, society, fashion, etc.

We are proud to take part at the Brands & Signs Exhibition, giving you a view of our exhibits: “Iskon Smarthome system” and “X series of furniture”.

MonthOfDesign Brands-Signs-Exhibition


Cro Designers Association Biennial Exhibition

SEPTEMBER 2016 // We are proud to be exhibiting among the finest of Croatian designers at the biennial exhibition of Croatian design “1516”, organised by the Croatian Designers Association. We will be showing Okto, Iskon Smarthome and X series of furniture. The exhibition will be held in MUO / Museum of Arts & Crafts, Zagreb, from September 13th until October 16th.

About “1516”  “1516” on FB



Hand in hand with architects

OCTOBER 2015 // Days of Oris, an architectural convention taking place since 2000, is a two-day event featuring lectures by prominent international and local architects. The convention takes place at the Lisinski Concert Hall, in front of 1850 visitors. It has seen lectures by world-famous architects, as well as radical and experimental authors. So far Oris has hosted more than 200 speakers from all over the world. At this year’s Days of Oris, companies from the related fields (architecture, design, furnishing, etc.) are presented in the exhibition space, among them also Era Grupa with its renowned selection of furniture produced in accordance with the highest production and ECO standards, including our ‘X’ line.

Days of Oris 2015


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