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The website is co-financed under the Operational Program of Competitiveness and Cohesion, from the European Structural and Investment Funds.

Project name:
Project name: Product design – presenting and placement of products and services

Short description of the project:
The work of the group of authors is focused on a high level of product design quality. Marketing solutions are necessary for strengthtening of product design in our market, as well as strengthening of our market position and increasing of market competitiveness through the creation of our web page to enhance the visibility of our products and services.

Product design implies forming in the aesthetical and technological sense of the product. The targeted market are individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises aware of the need for enrichment of their surroundings and office space with beautiful and functional things and furniture. In order for the products to stand out among others, it is vital to offer the right information in the right place.

To insure enhancement of our market position and increase the competitiveness, we apply quality marketing solutions. With this project, we have ensured creation of our web page.

Objective and expected result of the project:
The goal is a representative website. The expected result is an increased competitiveness in the EU market.

Total project value: 180.000,00kn
Amount co-financed by the EU: 100.000,00kn
Project implementation period: from 12.10.2018. to 10/11/2021.
Contact person for more information: Jakov Šrajer, GSM +385 (0) 91 3305 980