table ‘Eternel’

  • clientMilla&Milli
  • manufacturerMundus Viridis Ltd
  • year2021
  • photoDomagoj Kunić

One would say that beauty is a fleeting thing, but our new collection begs to differ. Eternel is a work of timeless belle, continuously bestowing its radiance on us like the life-giving sun that inspired its name.
Uprooting the convention, Eternel creates its own legacy by joining the elements in a uniquely beautiful way. Like the bark enveloping a tree, or the fur hugging an animal, the meticulously crafted slats embrace the base and are jointed in a seamless fashion to present a mesmerizing pattern. A soothing monochromatic metal and velvety marble elegantly join, superbly playing the supporting role to the magnificent dark wood.
Combining one of a kind idea and superior craftsmanship, Eternel is our heartfelt love letter to the might and beauty of solid wood. One that will last forever.


Finishing: natural oil

Material: wood, steel, marble

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220 - 75 - 130 cm